"We have big news to share, InnerCore Optics has acquired Ironsides"

InnerCore Optics is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Ironsides Group as part of it's business operations expansion into the telecommunication construction market.  InnerCore acquired Ironsides’ team, assets and customer contracts. Ironsides will continue operate under the Ironsides name and brand. 
Kevin Beagle, co-founder and CEO of Ironsides commented, "this partnership provides a major growth opportunity. We are all extremely excited.  Over the past three years we've been blessed to have worked with great clients such as; Bechtel, Google, and Black and Veatch. Through out the growth of Ironsides we have secured many gifted and talented employees that have contributed to our success.”
Ironsides has historically focused on projects in Tennessee, Kentucky and the Carolinas, but with the partnership, plans are already being finalized for expansions into Virginia, Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.  "We look forward to working with our new partners, expanding into new markets and safely delivering a quality product to our new clients" according to the company's COO, Chris Howell.