From small town California to traveling the world, Chief Technology Officer Tiffany Kelly brings over 26 years of technology experience to Ironsides. Having the unique opportunities to be at the forefront of emerging technologies, from the unix box, ip protocol, eCommerce and consumer electronics, she worked alongside industry leaders such as Precept Software, Cisco Systems,, and Philips Electronics.


While cultivating her career and raising two amazing humans, she was also furthering her passion for education, design, and culinary arts. Combining work experiences with life experiences has given Tiffany the opportunity to have an unique perspective on both problems and solutions. Her focus stays on emerging technologies.


At Ironsides Tiffany’s goal is to build a connected fabric of high speed broadband throughout the United States; connecting communities, people, and industries. The heart of her ambition and that of Ironsides is to connect those who have been left behind in the digital revolution - rural communities, students, and the American frontier. With the combined talents of the Ironsides team she is proud to partake in such an impactful mission to provide digital equity throughout the United States.

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